NJ Office of Legislative Services

The Office of Legislative Services (OLS) is an agency of the New Jersey Legislature established by law to provide professional, nonpartisan staff support services to the Legislature including its officers, members, committees and commissions. OLS operates under the authority of the Legislative Services Commission, a 16-member bipartisan panel with equal representation from each House of the Legislature.


The goal of OLS is to facilitate the work of the New Jersey Legislature and to enable and promote public understanding of the legislative process. As nonpartisan employees of the Legislature, OLS staff are prohibited from engaging in political activity or taking a public position with regard to any matter before the Legislature.

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NJ Office of Legislative Services Trenton, NJ, USA
Sep 12, 2019
Full Time
Description: Provides professional services for legislators, legislative staff, and legislative committees and commissions after an initial period of instruction to obtain a working knowledge of legislative operations, OLS policies, manuals, and procedures. Works under the direct supervision of a section chief or higher-titled staff. Conducts research and provides analysis on issues and policy matters of legislative concern. Drafts, reviews, and analyzes legislation. Provides research, drafting, and administrative support to legislative committees and commissions. Communicates with legislators, legislative staff, and superiors, both in private and in a public setting, and with State and local officials and public and private representatives. Fiscal Analysts also review, analyze, and report on budget requests of State agencies; identify fiscal issues and prepare background papers on issues or budget alternatives. Prepare fiscal notes and estimates. Review, analyze, and recommend action on requests for transfers of appropriations. Maintain accessible fiscal reference data and files required for performance of assigned work. Deputy Counsels also conduct legal research and write legal opinions.